My life in pictures!

Good morning! Today I’m sharing what I’ve been doing during my holiday. It was such a lovely week! I had so much fun with my best friend Angel, who came over for a couple of days. We went sightseeing, shopping and partied a lot.

We’ll start on last monday, the day that I picked up Angel from the airport. I had to book a ticket for the bus to Stansted airport.

On my way to the bus station Tara and I wanted to take a couple of pictures near Borough Market, so we went for a little walk.
When we got back home late in the evening with Angel we stayed in.
On Tuesday we went to Soho to see little China Town and the theatres. We decided to go to Mamma Mia the musical in the Novello Theatre that evening so we bought our tickets at a local ticket service.

We couldn’t resist going inside the M&M store! ❤
Sooo many choices…..

We found the frog who stole our price who turned into one of her folks.
We bumped in to the M&M who’s actually walking!
We had lunch at a cute little american place. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name…
Yumm! Greek salad with pita and hummus.
We went to the Superdry Store on Oxford Street for some shopping.
Wouldn’t you like to taste this!!? It looked so delicious. We just stared at it for a couple of minutes and then moved on to the next stop, Karl Lagerfeld!

Fancy huh? with my Karl Lagerfeld newspaper haha!
There are these festive balls of light all over Oxford Street. I am fascinated…
That evening Angel and I went to the Mamma Mia Musical! It was so great. They were singing so well! IMG_0002
On wednesday Tara was feeling ill so she decided to stay home. Angel and I went to Camden Town. I showed her around the market and camden lock.

I love this cute bridge in Camden. It’s looks just as perfect as in romantic movies.

Later that day Tara picked up Myzetta from the airport. She unexpectedly came to visit us, which was really nice! By the time they got back home, Angel and I had cooked dinner. For the rest of the evening we played a drinking game with a lot of funny but horrible assignments (for example: twerk, karaoke, drink a mix of all the different spirits etc).
After a little bit of sleep we decided to go sightseeing on Thursday! First stop: Buckingham Palace!

P1150226 P1150231 P1150238 P1150239 P1150242 P1150249
Next: London Eye! ❤

P1150253 P1150256
What could have been a perfect picture of a perfect fairytale castle was ruined by a stupid bird.. 😦

Couldn’t resist to throw some leaves into the picture! I am in love with this season.

P1150277 P1150280
I figured I knew a nice spot to take a picture with the Big Ben from the last time I was here.

The weather became worse, we were cold and tired. Time to go home!

After some rest we were ready for a good night out! We went to a club called Proud in Camden. We had a great night with some dancing, drinks and had typical conversations in a language close to dutch with strangers from London. Whoop! hihi

IMG_0007I got to say how great it was to be reunited with Angel again! We had a lovely time and we’ll see each other soon honey! Special thanks to Tara and Myzetta for having a great time with us!

lots of love,


2 thoughts on “My life in pictures!

  1. Ik heb je blog met veel plezier gekeken. Jullie maken het echt leuk samen en ondernemen veel. Goed om dat te zien. Dit half jaartje Londen staat strak in je geheugen gegrift. Supermooie ervaring. your proud mum!


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