Let’s ride the E-bike!

When you’re living in the Netherlands, you probably know that there are a lot of bikes on the streets. Many tourists think we’re mental for even bothering to cycle through the traffic. Our bikes are developing and become high-tech and electrical. That is where the smart E-bike Electrified S comes in.

VanMoofs launched the new e-bike named Electrified S. It has a smart lock without keys and an application for settings. Yet, while it seems and looks like a regular bike, it certainly isn’t. You probably can’t tell this is not an ordinary city bike. Unlike the previous generation, Electrified, this one is missing the triangular aluminum block at the Steering head, near the top and down tube under the steering wheel. At the previous model, the electronics for the touch pad were on top of the tube. That is now invisibly hidden in the frame. Another very special feature is the integrated electronic lock without keys. You can unlock your bike by using the included remote control or by touching the bicycle. It sounds like science fiction but actually it is very simple. The lock is compatible with bluetooth and recognizes your smartphone when you are in the area. How cool is that?electrifieds-3_0

In the sustainable city of the future it’s most likely that a lot of people have traded their bicycle for an electrical bike. One of the benefits is that you no longer have to put in any effort, which could also be a downside since you might not complete your 30 min daily movement.

In addition to more convenience and less effort, the E-bike also gives a greater sense of safety. In a future where stealing is no longer a thing and all vehicles are powered electronically, our material well-being improves by such technological accomplishments the Electrified S already offers. Toxic fuels no longer damage nature while you can always rely on your bike still being there when returning from a stroll in the park. That would be awesome, right?

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