I’m just watching a movie on the highway!

Have you ever seen the self-driving cars in futuristic movies? Well, they are about to get real! Imagine how awesome it would be if you could just lay down for a nap while driving on the A2? It could result in having less sleepy drivers and thereby less accidents, hopefully. 

Fiat is teaming up with Google, as Google is launching a hundred self-propelled vans that will be used in Google’s test fleet. It’s all about the hybrid vans of the type Fiat Chrysler Pacifica. Google will be selling the self-propelled technology quite soon, according to rumors. They also might want to bring in a separate brand under the parent company Alphabet.

According to Google one of the major concerns for people when it comes to these cars is the possibility of accidents. Google says that this project could lead to safer driving. I can totally see that, but it’s going to take quite a while to talk regulators and consumers into that notion.

In the future we all could be driven around in these cars that are, ofcourse, eco-friendly. To increase safety they should implement some kind of technology that keeps cars from crashing into each-other, just like the beeping parking control.
I’m curious what else is waiting for us in the future when in comes to transportation and human movement. Will we be flying jetpacks, or maybe air-scooters?

Theres a lot of information and research going on about these cars, so if your interested you should just google ‘self-propelled car’ and you’ll find hundreds of articles and videos!





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