WAAR Tilburg

The last couple of weeks I have been working at a new store of the WAAR franchise located in Tilburg, the Netherlands. With the holidays around the corner I was searching for some original and fitting presents for my family. But where do I start the search for the perfect gift? I figured WAAR is the place to be when it comes to gifts with an extra value. The new store in Tilburg was recently launched on the 31h of October 2015.

The authentic concept
WAAR in Tilburg is a gift shop that focuses on sustainable, organic and fair-trade products. WAAR is the dutch word for where, true and honesty. Tilburg has the most unique concept out of all the WAAR stores, since they’ve added a bakery and lunchroom. Another thing that is quite inventive is the use of food dispensers. The inclusion of the bakery really adds the feeling of authenticity to the concept.

Experiencing the product
WAAR is all about where the product comes from and that it’s produced fair. In addition, they spend a great deal of attention to the design of the range. “All the gifts from WAAR have a story. They are surprising and beautifully designed, made from friendly material or second hand products. In addition, the creator gets a fair chance and the buyer feels good.” All these features result to an experience in the products.

We’re moving in!
The shop is decorated very cosy and warm and gives you the feeling of a home. During the year the store has different themes in the shop window. This month’s theme is “We’re moving in “. It’s getting colder and we want to snuggle on the couch. In the window you’ll see cosy blankets, Tony Chocolonely chocolate bars, tea mugs, candles and candle holders etc. The employees are divided on the entire store. In addition, there are also employees from ‘Siza’. This organization gives the people who struggle getting on the labour market a chance to work.
The future of WAAR
The concept is quite ingenious comparing to the other WAAR stores due to introducing the bakery and a lunchroom. Its future growth potential could be expanding this concept to other locations or new WAAR stores. Since it’s such a great success this is something the company should keep in mind.

Everyone visiting the store pointed out how great it is to have such a new and leading-edge store in Tilburg. With all the sustainable, organic and fair-trade products it is definitely improving their quality of life. The concept also improves the Quality of life of the ‘Siza’ employees and the fair trade farmers and producers.

WAAR Tilburg is a great and inventive addition to the other established WAAR stores. If you’re looking for the perfect gift you should definitely have a peek at the inventive WAAR store located in Tilburg. You could also visit their website for more information. http://www.ditiswaar.nl

Juliana van Stolbergstraat 25
5038 AM Tilburg
013 303 1823

Note: Due to personal reasons I’m no longer working at the store.

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