Cuddles and Coffee!

Last May I was strolling around in Amsterdam and asked someone at a local store where I could have a nice cup of coffee in the neighbourhood. I’m sure some of you can relate to the difficulty of choosing where you should have coffee, since there is such a great amount of cafes and bars in Amsterdam. The woman in the shop suggested me to visit a cafe called ‘Kopjes’. This is the Dutch word for a cat rubbing their head on you.
What is ‘Kopjes’?
The 22nd of April this year Lenny Popelier (31) opened Holland’s first cat café in Amsterdam’s Baarsjes. This is a district in the centre of Amsterdam. The concept was conceivable due to a successful crowd funding campaign.
The concept of a cat café was already found in many other cities such as New York, London and Paris. Therefore we had to follow-up.
In the cafe live eight cats, lovingly selected by two animal shelters in Amsterdam: Stichting Animal suffering and the Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam (DOA).

Fancy a catuccino?
The space is fully furnished to become a mecca for the seven adorable kitties. Customers have to pay a three-euro entrance fee to have two hours of indulging themselves while having a catuccino. In addition to cakes and sweets they also serve simple lunches. To ensure the café remains a paradise for both the cats and the guests, there are clear house rules.

kattencafe kopjes

Why is it so astonishing?
The concept is very original and it’s an amusing addition to Amsterdam. The goal is to provide customers to have an remarkable experience. It’s a place where you can sit back to be tranquilized and happy. There is Coffee, cats and an enormous amount of love. What else do we need?
Since the concept was already established in other countries it isn’t very new to the world, however to me and all the other inhabitants of Holland it certainly is inventive. The café is a perfect example of a living society. It will give you the feeling of being home with your pets cuddling on the couch.

Expanding the cuddles
In the future there could be other cafés wanting to incorporate the new concept since it is so popular and controversial. Maybe the organization of ‘Kopjes’ could expand their concept to different cities in Holland as a range. I think the experience of having your coffee while cuddling and giving love to adorable cats gives people a satisfying feeling and improves their quality of life. I’m sure everyone will leave the ‘Kopjes café’ in a cheerful mood.

The café is very delightful, because of the great service they offer to cheer up anyone while having coffee or a meal. Besides, aren’t cats just the cutest and companionable pets? Please take my word for it and go visit the cat café ‘Kopjes’ in Amsterdam. You will not regret it! It is Pawsome! 🙂

Note: I recommend you to make a reservation before you visit because of the high amount of enthusiastic people. There is a limited amount of people allowed to go inside at once since they do not want to disturb or scare of the cats.

Marco Polostraat 211
1057 WK Amsterdam
Phone-number: 020-7370999

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