Have you ever lost something that’s very valuable to you? Imagine how easy it would be if you could just save all your properties in one place including a photo and details. With Snupps you will have convenient access to a secure repository of images and records of your stuff.

Snupps (it stands for Serial Number Universal Protection Protocol System) is an application. It provides a way to organize and socialize around the stuff you own and cherish, accessible for free from your iPhone, iPad and the web. Snupps makes organizing the stuff that matters to you quick and easy. You can take your stuff with you, anywhere you go. (,2015)

devices2xSnupps is the one place for all your collections, gadgets, accessories, furnishings and stuff in storage. You can just take a picture, add some details of the product and organize your stuff on virtual shelves. There is the option to keep the shelves private or to share them with others. When you’re sharing information and collections it’s an example of the sharing economy.

With the option of creating shelves and categories you are guided to a certain lay-out. The pictures you upload can be taken of anything. Your page could be an inspiration to other people. It’s cool curation and cool involvement at the same time. Snupps provides a combination of offline products visualized online where the detailing and user experience is shown. You are creating together with others it’s a virtual co-creation.

Organize and socialize around the stuff you own and cherish. Snupps is all about your stuff… at your fingertips (, 2015). Please have a peek at their website and start downloading!




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