The Edge Cylce experience

Most of the time I don’t really feel like going to the gym. Lifting weights is just boring and please don’t even mention the exhaustive cardio. For some time now there are group classes available. These are fun but become kind of dull. In the UK they’ve found a solution to the boringness. It’s called Edge cycle. 

cycle edge

Edge Cycle is one of the biggest dedicated cycling studios in the UK. With fantastic sound and lighting, the best bikes on the market, air conditioning, and showering and changing facilities, we are proud of what we have created. Our spacious studio allows you the room to breathe and work out without ever getting into someone else’s face! (, 2015)


Edge Cycle’s goal is to provide an unique experience for the people that attend the classes. They want you to leave the studio buzzing – and tell everyone how amazing it was and to come to try us out. Edge Cycle offers the most exciting innovations in fitness today including a Cycle Bootcamp, Cycle Yoga and Cycle Fight Club formats. These are each carefully designed to give people an all-over workout. This is an experience in the service (product).

This new and upcoming cycle training offers an original experience while also providing people a complete workout that is fun. Go check their website for more information or to book a free first class.

Click here to book a class!




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