A smart bra!?

Yesterday I bumped in to something that I think is very fascinating. It’s a bra designed by sportswear startup OMsignal Inc. The bra called the OMbra was launched at the CES technology fair in Las Vegas this week.The company OMsignal develops sports bras that integrate technology with a cutting-edge biometric fabric to let the wearer access information about her fitness levels (based on her age group) and body needs. The OMbra connects with popular fitness apps like Apple Health, Strava, Nike+, mapmyfitness and runtastic and will be available in spring of this year. Men do not need to feel left out as the company already launched the smart shirt for men in 2014 (Simone Preuss, 2016).OMBRAThe development of this product comes at just the right time. Since the 1980s the fashion and appearance image is slowly changing towards having an extremely fit and sporty body. Women go to the gym more often and desire for having the ideal body (changing beauty ideals). This product influences our appearance and also the health industry. In the future the technology could developed to be implemented in other fashion items. The bra also can be worn to show off your status, you are sporty and up-to-date with technology.
With the start of the New Year, 2016, we all have drawn up our new years resolutions. It won’t come as a surprise that the most common resolution of this year is once again to be healthier and workout more often. Therefore the OMbra might be useful for the avid sport fans among us.


If you’re interested in purchasing this bra or if you just want some information on the product and detailing about all the special functions please read the article below.


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