Interactive dinner on a diet!

While I was searching for inventive restaurants and trends in the food sector I bumped into a list of the 5 most innovative restaurants in the world. One of them was launched  a couple of years ago and is called ‘Tanita Shokudo’. The concept seemed very remarkable and has never been seen in Europe. So it’s kinda new! Well, it was for me.


Healthy and fresh food is the basis for the restaurant Tanita Shokudo located in Tokyo. With the attendance of the latest technology and personal advice, visitors are encouraged to eat healthy, whether it is at home or if you are visiting this or any other restaurant. On each table is equipment available to weigh the quantities of a product. There is also a separate room where you can get a full body analysis and a personal dietary advice. Scientific research has shown that the ideal time is to consume a meal is twenty minutes. Therefore there’s timer set at every table. The staff contains average waiters but also professional nutritionists (Samsung, 2015).


Tanita Shokudo makes some kind of statement, in my opinion. For the past years we are trying to be more healthy. This health movement seems to be more developed in other countries as Japan. Knowledge and intelligence are the key to empowerment. If this concept would be spread and distributed to other parts of the world we can all benefit from the ‘Japanese’ knowledge.

Nowadays consumers want to get involved with the making, creating and insight of the food they’re eating. This is an example of the need for transparency in the world. The information about the products you consume is available since you can weigh and get the nutritional values at your table.

I would literally jump on a plane right this second (if I could) to visit this restaurant! Hopefully we dutchies can also experience this new way of dining soon. I could link the website below but it’s all in Japanese signs.

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