Tap away!

How awesome would it be to have access to all information about the wine you’ve been drinking on a night in town? The Taproom in Philadelphia offers insight to their 40 drinks.tria_1_101There are no bottles available at this new Rittenhouse sibling to the popular Tria Cafes, but taking inventory of the 40 taps has never been easier. Access the digital beverage menu by scanning a QR code with your phone (or using a provided iPad), and see exactly what beer and wines are on draft. You can also check how much or little of the keg is left, so you’ll know when that rare Geuze you’ve been loving is about to kick (Kelly Dobkin, 2015).

The transparency used in the bar meets the worlds demand of an open world. Not only can consumers have all information about their drink. The organization also has the possibility to see what’s the most beloved tap. tria_1_116

In my opinion this is a great way of showing your trustworthiness and dedication as a company. I would definitely visit this place if I ever find myself anywhere near Philly.

Please share your experiences with these kind of bars of if you’ve been at the Taproom share your review!




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