Every day we share our life on Instagram, twitter and other social media platforms. Selfies, outfits, more selfies and – the most common – food pictures! When I see the most delicious looking dessert passing by I always wish for some sort of smell and taste button. Recently published an article on ‘How will technology change the way we eat?’. Adrian Cheok speaks about the recent developments. 


“We are working on technologies that use electromagnetic stimulation to produce tastes and smells without using chemicals. We’ll be able to sense and transmit flavours as digital information, so we can have multi-sensory communication experiences – things like sharing a virtual meal with friends on the other side of the world, watching a chef on TV and tasting their food, or sharing food pictures on Instagram with the flavour added (A. Cheok,2016).”


Well, even though this won’t be available anytime soon I definitely would love to experience it so bad! – update – There are actually some sort of smell sharing products on the market!! – update- The fact that we have developed so far in science offers very special opportunities for the future. Probably the technology will be incorporated into a new phone and other recording equipment. When this becomes available it will be a unique, expensive but very valuable gadget for the consumer.

I am wondering why would we want this so badly? Maybe it’s the need for a more open world where we share all kinds of information, even smells. Since we live in a sharing economy this wouldn’t be such a unexpected thing.

Please share if you ever find anything about this because I’m very curious! Thanks for reading my blog.



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