Blacksalt fish

Nowadays QR-codes are used in all kinds of industry. At the Blacksalt restaurant located in Washington DC QR-codes are used for transparency reasons.

In an effort to increase traceability, BlackSalt partnered with Congressional Seafood Co. earlier this year to make it possible for customers to simply scan the QR-code sticker pasted on the glass in front of each fish to find information about the species, harvest location – even fisherman biographies. The restaurant group plans to expand the program to include meat, dairy and produce down the line (k. Dobbin, 2015)


BlackSalt Fish Market & Restaurant, Washington’s premier seafood restaurant, is wholly committed to the sustainability of fish and shellfish stocks worldwide.  We constantly strive to source our products from companies and individuals who are like minded.  Through conscientious consumption and education we can all work to protect the invaluable resources that are provided to us by the sea (Blacksalt, 2015).

This restaurant uses QR-codes to create transparency for the customers. By sharing this information they’re building trust. People will continue shopping their fish at the Blacksalt restaurant instead of the market.
I would definitely prefer buying my fish at this restaurant but unfortunately I’m never anywhere near the area of Washington.


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