Where was this picture taken?

In my last blogpost I wrote about sharing smell and taste digitally. Today it’s all about sharing and locating the whereabouts of someone using a photo. 

roadmapGoogle has developed a new system that can determine where a picture was taken with the help of artificial intelligence.
To properly determine where a photo was taken, the Google system has divided the world in more than 26,000 boxes. The boxes all have a different size, depending on how many pictures are taken in that area. Cities have a smaller box than sparsely populated areas, because there are generally more pictures taken.
A research by PlaNet proves how well the system works compared to human knowledge. Results show that in 28 of the 50 cases artificial intelligence worked better than the human opponent (Nu.nl, 2016).


The open world is all about sharing information, to empower the people and to create freedom. Even though the concept of locating someone does not bring us any freedom it does gives us knowledge and power. In case of emergency it would be very useful, in other situations it might be oppressive.



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