Do something that makes you sweat!

Sweating in the gym working for that summer body doesn’t always sound very attractive, especially when it’s a 100 degrees outside. Sweat dripping of your body is just not a good look. What if we could use our sweat for something positive? Charging your smartphone battery could be a good cause, right?

A tattoo/battery that produces power from perspiration has been unveiled at the American Chemical Society meeting. This battery is especially designed for intensive workouts after which your body sweats a lot. You are supposed to attach the tattoo/battery to your body and your sweat fuels it. It sounds gross, but that can probably be forgiven for its eco-friendliness. The lactate in your sweat is the major power ingredient that powers this unique and somewhat weird battery.battery-powered-by-sweat

I think the concept is quite cool even though i’m not that much into tattoos. I am always listening to music while working-out so, I basically lowered my battery to 5 percent whenever I’m leaving the gym. Furthermore, I feel like this is a great way to charge sustainable without being attached to the wall outlet. By generating our electricity more sustainable we might even solve the environmental pollution.


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