Manakai Swimwear

Our oceans are polluted and hundreds of animals die because they are accidentally eating plastic and garbage. As human beings we, unfortunately, just do not have the resources and power to clean out everything that is already polluted. But what if we still could reuse the plastic? Two ladies from Maui came up with the idea to launch a bikini line from garbage they extracted out of the sea.


“With an eye toward ocean conservation and beautiful bikinis, two Maui businesswomen are planning to launch this high-fashion swimwear line named ‘Manakai’ they hope will help protect the environment. Kelley Chapman and Anna Lieding own Manakai Swimwear based out of Maui, Hawaii.  In re-branding and re-designing the products the two plan to transform their manufacturing to focus on using recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing.
Manakai Swimwear is inspired by the gypset lifestyle. Our passion for the environment, travel, discovering new cultures, yoga, sailing, diving, dancing, freedom, rawness, fashion, and creative expression has interfused into our timeless designs. Manakai Swimwear aims to create a sophisticated revolution making each piece feel primal, fluid, and strong” (, 2016).


In 2040 we should all be wearing more sustainable clothing and support slow-fashion brands. Not only the fashion industry delivers a lot of wastage and climate pollution. In order to keep our planet clean we should just never ditch our garbage on the streets or in the sea. A brand like Manaki Swimwear definately deserved a shout-out for being on of the most sustainable and nature friendly company. Another great thing about the swimwear is that it’s timeless and very fashionable. Let’s get swimming ladies!

For more information please visit their website. You can also back this project on –>



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