Garcia’s ode to denim!

The Dutch jeans brand Garcia Jeans has experienced great changes in the recent years and is now ready for the future. The new Garcia collection brings an ode to the Italian roots and the denim years, when the brand was founded.

The new items refer to the events during the development of the brand, such as the punk scene. “The basic theme of the total collection is the year 1977. “I was inspired by what has happened in Italy in those years and translated those events to the collection, “says Simone rommelaars, design manager of the women’s collection.
The collection makes references to the punk scene and protests that took place then, art is also served as the source of inspiration (Y. Stuurman, 2016).

In 2015 we’ve seen a lot of denim used in all kinds of fashion items. Denim is something of all times and will probably never leave our fashion image. This year, 2016, there will be even more use of denim. Jackets, jeans, dungarees and even knee patches are hot next season.

Our beauty image is constantly changing and the fashion industry has a great influence on our looks and body shapes. Bringing back the image of the 70’s results into tight and flared jeans to look more slim. I am really fascinated by the comeback of certain fashion items that were introduced in another decade. What will be next?

garciajeans4For more information on the Garcia Jeans collection please visit to read the article about the launch.

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