3D Printed fashion

A t-shirt that charges your smartphone, dresses that react to the emotions of the wearer and luminous scarves and jewelry with 3D printed parts. The fourth edition of FashionTech Berlin shows that fashion in the future goes far beyond the right look.
On the 20th of January the fourth edition of FashionTech Berlin took place at the industrial Kühlhaus building next to the Premium tradeshow. FashionTech is the Conference on the future of fashion and a project of Premium Exhibitions and Re: Publica (Fashionunited,2016).


fashiontexch-4Fashiontech is another niche in fashion, but grows rapidly. This is mainly due to the new mindset of big technology companies. They no longer only focus on technique, but also on technology (thanks to Steve Jobs) that looks good. That new attitude of tech companies explains the success of the fashionable smartwatches (Hermès and Apple) and of luxury fashiontech bracelets (Iris Apfel for Wisewear).fashiontexch-1In the future the possibilities will expand. What if we will be able to create virtual people or replace certain body parts with technology. I think 3D printing is a start of a whole new technology innovation.

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